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EXO-Flares is a brand new company and is very excited to offer high quality tuff flares with new designs as we move along. We are very much guided by your inputs so please contact us as we would love to make your truck stand ou from the crowd and yet serve its purpose.

We supply our offroad vehicles with custom flare setups which accomodate wider than factory wheels, offsets and wider difs like Portals. EXO-Flares are original designs, hand-made and designed. We are current in the process of making them for most popular 4wds and we are always open to discussing personal custom designs to specifically meet your needs. We are only happy to discuss options with you.
EXO-Flares are made tuff. Made with high quality
Vinylester resin. Reinforced sections where they are most needed
​NISSAN Patrol GU Series 4
NISSAN Patrol GU Series 1 to 3
Models coming soon:
Jeep Wrangler
Ford Ranger
Hilux 1990 to current
GQ Patrol
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